Like a piece of fine art, Robert wanted to create a line of men’s clothing that is gallery worthy yet accessible to the world. These wearable works of art are meant to be a part of your life’s adventure.

All of the designs we use are ours and will always be created by Robert Slivchak to ensure that our products are truly original. After the completion of one of his works of art, he takes a high resolution photograph of the piece, then use this image and manipulates it in a way so it’s perfect for his line of swimwear and apparel.

We’re a new company and constantly looking for ways to improve to help us grow. We’re also always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and working to get as close as possible to waste free. Currently, we’re sourcing biodegradable/compostable, mailer-bags and shipping materials. If you are a vendor of either of these product, or know of one that is, we would love to hear from you.