Without getting into too much detail about my history as an artist and environmentalist, I will give you a quick insight into where it all started to give you a better idea of why I have picked a fight against plastic pollution both as an inhabitant of planet earth as well as an artist. I grew up in Thunder Bay Ontario, Canada. Some would argue that I’m still growing up, but that’s why I think I’m the way I am. I still have that inquisitive mind that questions why things that negatively impact the environment, are knowingly being done when there are alternatives. More often than not, the answer is “money” though at times it’s no more than complete ignorance. Growing up in a city that is smack dab in the middle of nowhere, also makes it a city that is smack dab in the middle of beautiful rolling hills, on the coast of the world’s largest fresh water lake and a prime example of Mother earths beauty that needs to be protected. I grew up roughly a ten minute drive from downtown so locals would consider the area to be the country. Our home is on a hill near the end of a dead end road. At the end of the road, young kids would sometimes park and go about their business, leaving their trash or items that they wouldn’t want their parents to find. Others would park there and dump rubbish that they felt couldn’t be dropped off another ten minutes further out of town at the local dump. I’m sure you may have grown up in a similar area where dumping was/is also common. This is obviously not a display of ignorant behaviour that’s unique to Thunder Bay. As a child, this was my stomping ground. I had built forts not far from where rubbish was dumped, so this really chapped my ass. When individuals make the decision to litter, they know that what they’re doing is wrong. Does it not make them feel as sick as it does to me? This feeling has not gone away but has become more focused and turned into passion to advocate change. I want my posts and artwork to provoke thought. I want this thought to spark a conversation. I want this conversation to lead to changing the mindset of individuals that are contributing to our worlds plastic pollution / over consumption crisis.

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