A Designer’s Journey

Robert Slivchak Swim Shorts Design

People have asked me “Why swim shorts?”. Well, that’s great question that will require me to tell you about my life, growing up in Thunder Bay Ontario. At an early age, my parents enrolled my sister and I into swimming lessons. At the age of eight these lessons turned into me joining the swim team, the Thunder Bay Thunderbolts. As I type this I start to well up a little. It’s a mix of a lot of fond memories of the friends I met, the incredible coaches I had, my parents and their unconditional support and the heartbreak of when I stopped swimming at the competitive level when I was in high school. High school was the cross roads. It’s either a social life with your peers at school, or your commitment to your sport. You may be someone that can relate to this or have a child that is approaching this point in their lives. It’s hard for me to say I don’t regret quitting, because a part of me hurts every four years when I watch the Olympics, however I wouldn’t trade the experiences that were afforded to me when I did. Swimming is an incredible way to learn discipline, dedication and how to live an active and healthy lifestyle. Though I left the team, my love for being in the water will always be a part of me.

A decade into my career as an artist I started to find that it was getting increasingly competitive so I started thinking of way’s to creatively promote myself, expand on my client base, make my work more accessible to more people and at the same time stay true to myself and what I’m passionate about. Given my past and love for life in and around the water, I feel as though I have accomplished this. With an artists attention to detail, I have designed functional, comfortable, wearable works of art that are a perfect complement to both your life’s adventures and times of leisure.