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How Canadians Extend Their Summer

Interested in a pair of fur shorts? Disgusted? Intrigued? Incredible.

You may be disappointed or relieved to know that there are actually no fur shorts and the fur in the photos is faux. Sadly, there is also no thing such as a Canadian Woolly Lake Squirrel. However, there is an incredible line of swim shorts from the same Canadian designer that brought you this story.

Robert Slivchak Swim Shorts

Robert Slivchak (me) wanted to do something different. There are many ads for swim shorts, many different brands and a lot of them have the same look and use the same marketing strategy. I wanted to step away from the chiseled torso model (sorry Brandon) shots and take things in the similar direction of what’s not real or relatable, while also being different. Why blend in? Why not stand out and wear something original? Put on a pair of swim shorts with a story. Put on a pair of swim shorts inspired by original fine art.

In our world’s current climate of fake news, no one knows what to believe anymore. My intent with this campaign was to create a fake news article with the hope of it going viral. Unlike some other fake news articles, this one was not meant to inflame sensitivities or pin different groups with opposing opinions against one another. Yes, it is first and foremost meant to promote my brand, my works of art and my dream, but also meant to make people think about the baseless posts, news articles and tweets they share without understanding the damage they do and the people they might hurt, without questioning the validity of the content.

All of my shorts in the 2017 collection are lined with the inner peace print. The print patter is based off of one of my paintings and a reminder that peace starts within every one of us.

I hope you enjoyed the article. If you ended up here and missed it, click here to read it. I look forward to getting you and/or someone you care about into a pair of incredible swim shorts.

Thank you,
Robert Slivchak