Moving to Burlington

Toronto Ontario Canada - Burlington Bound by Robert Slivchak

In 5 weeks my beautiful wife and I will be moving away from the incredible city of Toronto and out to the beautiful suburb of Burlington. Though I’m excited for the move and the next chapter in our lives together, I’m saddened that I have to leave this great city that has been my home for close to 17 years. Though we will still be close, it will not be the same. Over the last little while we have been doing as much as we can in the city to make the most of our last days here. It’s in this time that I truly realized what a great place it is. Like most cities, you just need to get out, get involved and see it to really appreciate it. To all my friends in this city, you’re a big part of what’s made it so amazing to live here.

Over the next month I will be promoting my artwork and clothing by combining my work, with images of places that we are enjoying during of final days of living and working in Toronto. No, my artwork is not displayed or affiliated with any of these businesses or landmarks these images are to pay tribute to this city and give you a better idea of where my work is from.

I will still be open for business during the move, though please be patient with me if I do not respond immediately to your inquiries.

Thank you Toronto,
Robert Slivchak